You can obtain visa on arrival at the international airport in Phnom Penh. Tourist visa is $25 usd (extendible for 1 month) or Business visa $30 (extendible). Thai border crossing (Poipet) on arrival but you need to dug deeper in your wallet to get one!! Laos Dondet to Stung Treng Cambodia. On arrival but some extra charge (few dollars) in order to get the necessary stamps. Vietnamese border crossing to Ratanakiri Cambodia. On Arrival. Until now no scam reported. It is not possible to get a visa for Vietnam at het border crossing Ratanakiri - Vietnam. Only obtainable in Phnom Penh! The visa for Laos can be obtained at the border crossing, Prices depend on nationality

Cambodia’s currency is the riel. The riel comes in notes with the following values: 50r, 100r, 200r, 500r, 1000r, 2000r, 5000r, 10,000r, 20,000r, 50,000r and 100,000r. US dollars are widely accepted in Cambodia and Thai baht can be used in the west of the country.

In Ratanakiri there are 2 major banks Acleda Bank and Canadia Bank The atm at Acleda accepts only Visa cards!! At the atm of Canadia several bank cards are excepted.

Bargaining is an acceptable practice in Cambodia in some situations, like shopping in markets, hiring vehicles and, sometimes, when taking a room. However, bargaining is not necessarily about getting the lowest possible price, but a price that is acceptable to both the buyer and the seller. Remember to keep the exchange friendly at all times.

At a lot of stalls around Banlung market or any market where you can exchange USD into Riel. Please check for the current rate. At the moment of writing it is 4000 Riel for 1 usd (April. 2016). Acleda bank is a safe way to exchange money form Dollars into Riel. Please take note that only non-ripped Dollar notes are accepted. So make sure they don't give you ripped ones. In an unfortunate event you wind up with some ripped USD banknotes, you’ll have to wait until getting to Phnom Penh before you can spend them

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